Your End of Financial Year Checklist

End of financial year is a busy time for small business owners with bookkeeping and tax returns in the front of their minds. Planning and putting the hard work in each financial year helps you to be organised when the end of financial year approaches. Here’s a checklist of some essential tasks for the end[…]

The 2018 Federal Budget & Business

It has been announced that the budget will benefit tax cuts, new roads and rails and the craft brew industry, but what is in it for small businesses? The Government has introduced a seven-year personal tax cut package including sole traders and family partnerships, if the changes are passed, millions of Australians will benefit from[…]

How To Evaluate Your Value

In life, we always want to spend time doing things ourselves – mainly through fear of someone doing it wrong. Sometimes, though, we’ll go to take on a task that is simply beyond us. Also, most of us don’t like having to spend money to get someone to do something we could do ourselves. If[…]

Business Owners Perception Of The ATO

When running a business, it’s very easy to look the other way when problems creep up. From struggling to cope with and handle taxation problems to avoiding cash flow woes, businesses love to look the other way. Putting your head in the sand is a very common term for this – essentially, just ignoring what[…]

Mental Health And Technology

This week is Mental Health Week and here at Balance Books we were interested in the affects that technology may be having on our Mental Health, specifically the mental health of our young people. There are certainly many positive benefits in the use of technology with improved communication, transport and business, as well as accessible[…]

Why do Businesses Fail?

Recent research has shown that, despite beliefs to the contrary, most businesses don’t fail in their first year of business but in the years that follow.  A recent report published via ASIC, show that the percentage of  small businesses failing is on the rise, with owners struggling with issues such as cash flow, strategic planning[…]

Knowing your worth

No one will ever pay you what your worth. No one. In this Ted Talk from Casey Brown, “Know your worth and then ask for it”, she talks about how clearly defining and communicating your value are essential to being paid well for your excellence. “No one will ever pay you what your worth, they’ll[…]